A training system that promotes a progressive training approach that adjusts to the student’s development needs to ensure sustainable improvement


Our Crease Control Training System helps to guide our student’s development through a planned Profile Based Training Process that progressively improves their skills with the use of Deliberate Training Strategies towards gradually mastering in-game ARC3 Performance.

The system will provide a training environment that achieves sustainable development by encouraging Purposeful Practice and facilitating Deliberate Training.

By encouraging Purposeful Practice, we constructively guide the student to lean into their out-of-comfort zone and guide them towards learning, understanding and applying the correct execution keys with a conscious training focus.

By facilitating Deliberate Training, the process will implement standardized development guidelines with the objective of improving skills. It will guide the student to apply a conscious training focus with an informed mental image of the skill. With constructive feedback, the student will make calculated adjustment towards improvement.

Progressive training of a young athlete takes
LOTS of ‘time’ with LOTS of ‘support’ and
LOTS of ‘patience’