Efficient Transitions from a Stable Stance

By Maurice Tanel
Efficient transitions are what connect the directional changes when moving in the crease. These efficient transition points will enhance the ’Command’ that is required to be positional prepared and shot ready.

As with any positioning movement, working from a strong and stable stance is critical to technical execution and efficient transition. We always encourage the young Intermediate Profile goalie to focus on bringing attention to the details of setting up with sound Stance mechanics. This will promote proper alignment and pressing with activation into the edges.

The above short video demonstrates our approach in teaching young Intermediate Profile goalies how to transition from a Post Side Stance to a ‘Post to Post with a Slide’.

This student is at a Level 2 Training Phase of his development and will benefit from an ‘Isolated’ Training Speed where the instructor guides with skill detail training cues and encourages with technical feedback such as, maintaining strong post side foot position while pivoting and muscular activation to properly execute with effective body control.

Drill modification factors taken into consideration when determining the training speed during the student’s early stage of development include:

1. How much strength does the student have in legs and hips?

2. Can the student maintain core stability throughout the transitions of the drill?

3. Does the student understand the breakdown of the segments?

There is great training value in applying an ‘Isolated’ Training Speed that adjusts the training speed to fit the Training Phase of the student. This training strategy promotes skill awareness and encourages the student to slowly execute the skill with the objective on growth.

Don’t focus on what performance results will get you notice but rather the personal growth process that will help you improve and reach your goals.

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