Evaluate performance with an ‘objective’ process when developing young goalies

By Maurice Tanel
When evaluating a goalie’s performance, in-game effectiveness can commonly be assessed with the use of a ‘subjective’ measuring stick such as wins, losses and goals against.

That’s not to say that performance results have no value. Performance results can provide a snapshot of the progress towards achieving goals. But effective evaluation of performance when developing young goalies must include an ‘objective’ process that focuses on the progress of technical and tactical execution during performance.

Many young goalies can focus only on the ‘subjective’ results and they can become discouraged and frustrated when the statistical benchmarks fall short of their expectations. We as facilitators need to guide students to evaluate performance with an ‘objective’ process in order to cultivate the confidence necessary to achieve their development and performance goals.

The development of young goalies towards mastering ARC3 Performance starts by encouraging the student to incorporate Growth Focus Habits, which include, coming to training with purpose and bringing attention to the ‘skill correction’ details that will help them reach the desired performance improvement.

When assisting young goalies to asses their in-game performance, we need to encourage them to commit to the ‘objective’ process of skill improvement. With the actions of discipline, the student will challenge the Growth Focus Habits necessary to meet their goals and will cultivate confidence of a ‘Winner Within” mindset  by empowering them throughout the preparation process and ultimately will have an impact on their in-game execution.

Don’t focus on what performance results will get you notice but rather the preparation process that will help you improve and reach your goals.

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