First Exposure to the Reverse-VH technique

By Maurice Tanel
Training young goalies should focus on repetition with good form. The timing of when and how certain techniques are introduced to a young goalie’s toolbox is also very important.

For example, the VH and Reverse-VH positions create some unique strains on your body and should be carefully and progressively integrated into a student’s lesson plan. 

A Profile Based Training Strategy promotes skill awareness that encourages the student to slowly execute the skill with the objective on learning the skill details and the proper movement. 

Reverse-VH Technique

This was Marcus’ first exposure to the ReverseVH technique. The drill included the skill details on alignment of the RVH along with positional transitions of the post to Post Slide and the T-Push out from the RVH. 

Marcus brought a positive learning awareness and Richard is doing a great job of communicating the skill details. He is guiding Marcus to perform the drill at an ‘Isolated’ training speed that allows him to focus on understanding the skill details.

Factors taken into consideration when determining when to introduce the student’s to certain techniques:

1. How much strength does the student have in legs and hips?

2. Can the student maintain core stability throughout the transitions of the drill?

3. Does the student understand the breakdown of the segments?

For goalies who are ready for these techniques, Maria Mountain from Goalie Training Pro has a helpful off-ice exercise to get physically stronger in order to properly execute the movement patterns of the VH and RVH techniques. CLICK LINK:

Don’t focus on what performance results will get you notice but rather the personal growth process that will help you improve and reach your goals.

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