Goalies and parents benefit from Maria Mountain’s powerful insight

By Maurice Tanel

You often hear the saying, “knowledge is power”…well this was so true last weekend on so many levels.

The powerful knowledge was presented at a insightful Conditioning Workshop by expert Maria Mountain who has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology and operates the Revolution Conditioning workout studio in London, Ontario.

Maria who regularly works with Elite Athletes of 14 years and older along with Olympic and Pro Sports Athletes, treated TEAM Shutout goalies and their parents to a workshop that comprised of both a seminar and practical sessions. The participants were enlightened on the many areas of conditioning which included the do’s and don’ts of training along with some nutrition tips.

These types of information events are driven to provide information to our athletes and their parents so that they can make informed training plan decisions. But it never fails that the information gives me a deeper perspective of how we can make our program better. Along with many other insightful ideas I have gained an even greater respect for the importance of ensuring “core stability” is incorporated into our on-ice development program.

For more information and links to Maria Mountain’s conditioning expertise, CLICK HERE to open the door to get Inside of the Coaches Room and into Maria Mountain’s GoalieTrainingPro.com resource pages.

TEAM Shutout would like to also thank Jonathan Keating of Golden Glide Fitness for all his help in hosting this fine event. Jonathan directs the Golden Glide Fitness program at Golden Glide Training Facility located on the second floor at Chesswood Arena in Toronto, Ontario.

Stay tuned for a follow up Out of the Blue Blog on the impact of Core Stability to young goalies

Maurice (MOE) Tanel is the Program Director and Goals & Performance Coach of TEAM Shutout Goalie School. For further information on this or any other questions you may have please feel free to contact him by email at [email protected]