How distractions can negatively affect performance

By Maurice Tanel

OUT of the BLUE is a blog that provides insight and related resource information into all 5 Performance Components that are required for a goalies continued development within the TSO Crease Control Training System.

Maurice (MOE) Tanel is the Program Director and Goals & Performance Coach of TEAM Shutout Goalie School. For further information on this or any other questions you may have please feel free to contact him by email at [email protected]

…Just this week I was working with one of our young AAA goalies involved in our Goals & Performance Program.

He had e-mailed me his Short Term ‘Performance’ Goals that would he would be using for the week to create awareness in his training and work towards helping his game performance.

Other than the fact that they needed some minor adjustment to give more definition and clarity to his goals, he was pointed in the right direction in his training awareness needs.

Let me share with you this young goalie’s Performance Goals…

1. Stay clear and calm on identifying the release to better Track the puck from point of release to point of save selection. (Mental Game)

2. Maintain clear mind to read the play (Mental Game) and execute strong and controlled pushes to maintain effective positioning of centre and square on the puck (Technical Skills & Tactical Strategy).

3. Identifying rebounds that result from Blocking Strategies that are required on In-Tight plays to better recover and re-position to puck rebounds. (Mental Game and Tactical Strategy).

I wanted to share this process to highlight how vision is so closely connected to a goalie’s performance. The vision required to track the puck and read the play has a strong connection to the Performance Component of the Mental Game. Technical Skills and Tactical Strategy are very important but how an athlete can deal with the distractions can affect his vision that will impact the Read-Plan-Execute cycling process of the Performance Sequence.

Dr. Cohn

The mental distractions that impact concentration will affect a goalies ability to maximize vision so to develop a ‘Clear and Calm’ energy in a goalie’s Mental Game is crucial.

To provide further insight on how distraction negatively affect performance, I have attached below a link to a recent Blog by Dr. Cohn…Concentration is key to excelling in sports. When kids aren’t 
focused on what they need to do to perform their skills, 
performance suffers. Then your athletes are unable to perform 
in the “zone.”
Not coping effectively with distractions can really hurt your 
athletes’ performance in sports…
Distractions come in two forms–outer and inner…