How Parents’ Emotions Affect Sports Kids

By Maurice Tanel

Mental Performance resource information By Dr. Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. in Education

Dr, Cohn specializes in Kids Sports Psychology and provides Sports Parents with mental game tools for their kids to succeed in sports and life by enhancing mental toughness skills

How Parents’ Emotions Affect Sports Kids

Let’s face it: The world of sports evokes lots of emotion. That’s partially why we love sports so much. But as sports parents, your emotional state affects your kids’ confidence in sports. In fact, if you can’t keep your feelings under control, your athletes might not thrive in sports…Here at Kids’ Sports Psychology, we agree with his first conclusion: That sports parents need to communicate love and empathy and focus on what kids do well. If parents focus too much on negatives, kids will, too. That can cause them to embrace negative self-talk, focus more on avoiding mistakes, and stop taking risks—all mental game no-nos! (Click to Read More)

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