Introducing ‘From Squat to Stance’ Blog Series

By Dan Moressa


The ‘Squat to Stance’ blog series is a collaboration between Dave Speciale of FITS Toronto and Dan Moressa of Team Shutout Goalie School and intended to bridge the gap of understanding between Athletic Development off the ice and Skill Development on the ice.

What is our blog vision? 

The vision of the series is to create an on-going conversation into the integrating of athletic and goaltending development that will allow goalies and parents to understand the relationship between off ice and on ice development.

David Speciale (FITS): “Let’s take the time to shine light on the gap between skill development and athletic development in all sports. The lapse in conversation between skills and coaches and a trainers creates a challenge in communication. An intergraded approach will allow us to compare notes, identify common weaknesses, control work load volume of training. This allow us to put the athlete first for their development” 

Dan Moressa (Team Shutout): “The process of learning and improving a specific goaltending technical skill is very similar to process of developing the proper technique of a specific exercise in the gym. Furthermore, we can even draw similarities between the execution keys and alignment of some these techniques and skills. This series hopes to discover the parallels and similarities of the framework in both foundational exercises in the gym and goaltending specific techniques on the ice”. 

What is our blog objective?

The objective of the series is to provide ongoing insight into how goalies can integrate athletic development in the gym with skill development on the ice to improve their ability to control the crease.

David Speciale (FITS): “We want to change the common misconceptions about training. Goaltending development is not all about flexibility. Off ice development is not about lifting the heaviest weight possible. It’s about providing the athletic qualities necessary to play the position so goalies are adaptable to what they are learning on the ice. Breaking down barriers and misconceptions to understand the value of systematic athletic development and it can be applied for enhanced performance.”

Dan Moressa (Team Shutout): “To achieve sustainable skill development for young athletes by highlighting both the importance of development off the ice as well as providing an understanding of how those improvements can translate to technical skill improvement on the ice and towards achieving ARC3 Performance”

What’s the biggest challenge we see in the athletic development for goalies?

David Speciale (FITS): “Too much development is focused after the formative years rather than the early ages. As the focus typically goes towards competition rather development. Not allowing the goalie to be adaptable to what they will learn but instead, build on bad habits into the future. All the while, the athlete still needs autonomy, and let them discover how their body works best for their athletic qualities”.

Dan Moressa (Team Shutout): “Too much of a goalie’s early development on the ice is focused towards results and speed, rather than technical skill development. Although we don’t want to undermine the importance of speed, agility and a goalie’s ability to read the play, the focus of development during the formative years of a goaltender should be focused towards the process of technical skill development. Skill development that is delivered through sustainable training approach that works towards long term athletic development. This, in turn, will provide the foundation for where qualities such as speed, agility and cognitive skills can be supported and really shine through. Our Crease Control Training System has been designed to achieve exactly that and through this collaboration with FITS Toronto, we will continue to learn and reaffirm our training approach”

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