Maintaining focus on the PROCESS and NOT THE RESULTS will improve performance

By Maurice Tanel

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Maurice (MOE) Tanel is the Program Director and Goals & Performance Coach of TEAM Shutout Goalie School. For further information on this or any other questions you may have please feel free to contact him by email at [email protected]

The Mental Game: As instructors, our biggest challenge is guiding young goalies to stay positive with themselves during their training.

Most of our training drills contain one or more key elements that invariably finish with a shot on net. In those drill situations where the puck goes into the net, even if many or most of the key elements in the drills are executed well, the common response from many goalies will be frustration or anger. Because of this final result of the drill (being scored on), the goalie views the drill from the position of failure.

Performance is never perfect and important to remember…especially during training.

Failure is an important element of development. Young athlete’s need to be encouraged to assess their performance, both during training and after games, from the perspective of the process and creating a positive awareness of their training needs.

In order to improve performance, a goalie needs to focus less on the performance results and more on the process. This starts during training and will continue by fostering the mind set of staying focused on the training needs that will maximize preparation for desired performance results.

Don’t focus on what performance results will get you noticed…stay focused on the performance process that will help reach your desired performance results.

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Dr. Cohn’s advise to parents is…

“The biggest challenges sports kids face are fear of failure and perfectionism.

Many different types of young athletes are afraid of failing….

One personality type that’s especially prone to fear of failure is the perfectionist.

Parents of perfectionists and kids who are afraid of failing—and there are a lot of young athletes who fall into these categories—need to help their children and teens understand why they’re afraid of failing.

They need to help them focus less on the score or win, and more on the process.

What’s more, parents need to take a hard look at their own behavior.
– Do they expect their sports kids to be “perfect?”
– Are they critical of every mistake?
– Do they have super-high expectations for their young athletes?

These attitudes will likely contribute to sports kids’ fear of failure.

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