Range of Motion with Marty Strength Hockey

By Maurice Tanel

During these restrictive times that have impacted our routines, it is important to manage our schedule in a way that will maximize our time to stay focused on our improvement goals.

In order to execute with a strong Athletics structure, goalies need to constantly works on the mobility that will maximize their range of motion.

Marty, from Marty Strength Hockey, has provided you with a Flow Warm Up and Seven (7) Mobility Exercises that will improve the flexibility and body control necessary to maximize range of motion during in-game execution.

The following exercises can be scheduled into your weekly workout routines and will help you remain more focused on the path towards your improvement.

Flow Warm Up

Seven (7) Mobility Exercises

We want to thank Marty for this expert off-ice contribution, and we are looking forward to the ‘Athletic Structure’ modules that he will be providing our Level Up Program’ students during the up coming season.

Andrew (Marty) Martin is a former professional and collegiate hockey player turned performance enhancement coach that currently runs Marty Strength Inc. and is the Strength and Conditioning Director at Everest Academy.  During the off-season, he trains amateur and professional hockey players

For more Strength and Conditioning insight and training platforms you can check Marty at martystrength.com or connect with Marty on Instagram @martystrength_hockey