Sauve gets call to attend Canada’s National Women’s Program

By Maurice Tanel

Hockey Canada announced last Thursday that 57 players have been invited to attend Canada’s National Women’s Program strength and conditioning camp, taking place May 2-6 at York University in Toronto, Ont. and Kassidy Sauve is one of 9 goalies to be invited to the evaluation camp.

At 15 years old, Kassidy will be the youngest athlete at the camp and, no different than her entire minor hockey career, she will be perceived by some as the underdog…not a chance…I think she will be a front runner.

Kassidy has always competed against the boys. Anyone who has been involved with Kassidy will tell you she is a competitor and I can tell you first hand that she holds that quality in spades. But, as much as she does have a ferocious compete level, her greatest quality is her desire to be prepared for competition. Kassidy always finds the time to improve herself…and this is what gives her the confidence to compete at a level that others may find difficult to handle. It’s her confidence in herself that I believe will be her greatest edge during the camp.

At such a young age her maturity and leadership shines through. When asked about the challenges of competing against the boys during the OHL Cup, she was quoted as saying…

“If someone really wants to do something, they can – There’s no doubt about it. If they just keep striving and keep working really hard then they might end up playing in the OHL Cup too and I hope another girl does later on.”

I want everyone to understand I have a lot of respect for all the athletes attending the camp, but if I am a betting man (and I am not) my money has to be on Kass. It’s just too smart of a bet…

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Maurice (MOE) Tanel is the Program Director and Goals & Performance Coach of TEAM Shutout Goalie School. For further information on this or any other questions you may have please feel free to contact him by email at [email protected]