Sport Psychology Workshop with Dr. Alan Edmunds, PhD

By Maurice Tanel

Mental Performance expert Dr. Alan Edmunds, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Western University. Dr. Edmunds provides sports psychology training for elite individual athletes in many sports.

Hey Hockey Players – How would you like to play your best hockey more often? How would you like to feel supremely confident before, during, and after every game? How would you like to feel like you are always getting better during and after every practice? How would you like to play every game with no worries?

To find out how you can improve your mental game and improve performance come to the 1.5 hour interactive Sport Psychology Workshop that will include descriptions of:

– How mental focus is acquired and sustained
– How confidence is built and maintained
– How sport-specific skill improvement plays a vital role in competitive focus and confidence

Athletes will learn how to structure and implement their own approach in order to make themselves mentally tougher. This will allow them to more frequently access their full potential on game day.

Team Shutout Goalie School and Varsity Hockey will host the Sport Psychology Workshop on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 at the Varsity Training Centre located in Brampton, Ontario.