Student Spotlight on Graeme Blondon

By Maurice Tanel

Graeme Blondon was one of TSO’s first students when we began the school in 2006 and it is always rewarding and inspiring when we hear back from our former students as they continue forward towards their life destinations.

Graeme continues to enjoy playing the position and is currently studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Graeme reached out to me a short while ago and sent me these kind words…

‘Hey Moe, it’s been a while. I was at Iceland in Mississauga for the first time in many years two weeks ago taking my brother to his 3 on 3 game and walked past the rinks where I first trained with you. 

I remember vividly your efforts to get me to stop going paddle down and to track the puck. I remember complaining about things and your calm but firm response that I could complain all I wanted but we’d keep going until I did it right. Through all the years I had the privilege of working with you, that attitude never wavered. No matter how much I complained or tried to take the easy way out you always made sure I worked hard and did it the right way. 

All these years later I look back at that and the valuable life skills I gained from it and am very grateful for it. The work ethic, the drive to succeed, the mental toughness to let things go and focus on what was next, and many other things that you preached are assets that have stuck with me to this day. And for all that (and the amount of complaining I did that you put up with) I wanted to say thank you. 

You were a great influence for me and have truly helped me become who I am today. I love seeing the training video of young goalies you post and love that you’re still helping kids improve both as hockey players and people every day.

So to summarize that essay, thanks for all you’ve done for me and keep doing what you’re doing.’

We are proud of Graeme’s achievements and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

‘Try not to become a person of Success but rather try to become a person of Value’ – Albert Einstein

Maurice (Moe) Tanel is the Program Director and Development Consultant at Team Shutout Goalie School.

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