The vision of our programs is to provide a training system that will better help young goalies to connect to the training process and inspire them to train with purpose throughout each stage of their development.

The Crease Control Training System is our approach to training and is delivered through the application of Profile Based Training Strategies with the objective of developing the in-game execution elements of ARC3 Performance.

Profile Based Training Strategies

Our method of training is made up of four Profile Based Training Strategies, which when patiently used in combination, will systematically improve the technical and tactical skills by placing primary value on the student’s progressive growth towards mastering the goaltending discipline of ARC3 Performance.

Our Profile Based Training Strategies

Profile Training Stages
Fundamental Framework Standards
Profile Based Programs
Deliberate Training Methods

What is ARC3 Performance?

The goaltending discipline of ARC3 Performance can be described as the effective ‘in game’ execution that displays a combination of 3 elements needed to perform with timely execution. These properly develop elements will provide the best opportunity for consistency of in-game execution:

ARC3 Performance Elements 

a strong Athletic structure
an effective Reaction engine
a sound tactical approach with Command
 ‘Don’t focus on the performance results that will get you noticed but rather the process that will help you improve’