The Value Of A Positive Learning Environment 

All our programs are founded on the belief that developing goaltenders requires more than just setting up camps and providing drills.

Our vision has always been to use the athletic discipline of goaltending to ‘inspire our students to maximize their practice time’ with the intention to make themselves better in their physical, mental, and personal growth in order to be learn and improve.

Our programs have been designed to function as a practice tool towards methodically mastering the mechanics for ‘explosive power thru technical efficiency’, but their greatest purpose is to provide a ‘positive learning environment’ that will ‘cultivate the confidence’ needed to get a little bit better.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will ensure that the development of goalies of all ages and levels are guided through a training system that is designed to sustainably develop their functional movement as they gradually advance their in-game execution.

A Training System To Help You Practice Better

All our programs have been designed to function as a practice tool that best complements the student’s stage of development and will help goalies to ‘methodically’ master the mechanics necessary for explosive power thru technical efficiency.

From within this ‘progressive’ practice process, each session is delivered at a 2:1 training ratio and is guided from a strategically designed Lesson Plan that ‘purposefully’ isolates the key elements of a skill.

This profile based training approach allows goalies, of all ages and levels, to gradually develop their fundamental skills within in a positive learning environment that is guided by our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

From this training system, which will cultivate confidence, each students is personally encouraged to continue to ‘constructively’ get a little bit better as they ‘progressively’ advance, one step at a time, towards their in-game execution.

What Programs Are Available At Team Shutout?

We are committed to providing on-ice practice programs to ensure that access to training is available 12 months of the year to all goalies.

Team Shutout provides Skills & Drills Clinics that are available in both the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer periods along with Summer Camps, Winter Break Camps and March Break Camps.

These programs are delivered by our experienced staff that have the ability to ‘inspire’ goalies of all ages and levels to gradually learn and practice how to efficiently generate the explosive power for transitional executions and save selections.

The following ARC3 Performance elements, when sustainably developed, will provide the consistency needed during ‘in-game execution’


ATHLETIC qualities of Aggressive Balance, Explosive Acceleration and Transitional Agility, during in-game execution, is a mutual function of 'technically efficient' transitions and 'physical strength' for body and edge control.

REACTION skills needed to read, recognize and respond to in-game situations.

COMMAND of the crease with the strategies and tactics that will maximize positioning and shot ready.



We hope that you find the ‘values’ of our programs will help you, or a goalie that you know, get a little better, and that this constructive approach to training will ‘inspire’ you to join us!