For anyone to be successful in anything requires that they begin with a vision.

For anyone to be successful in anything requires that they begin with a vision.
We all dream of being successful, we all want to be the best.

Fact…turning the dream of a hockey career into reality requires that you follow a planned path towards a performance vision. The destination of this vision can only be achieved through the continuous improvement of skills. This gradual improvement will result in the consistent in-game ARC3 Performance necessary to get recognized by the decision makers that will put you…the next LEVEL UP.

What is the LEVEL UP Program?

Your climb to the peak of hockey mountain can only be achieved with an unwavering commitment to an on-ice training plan that is driven by a preparation process that will give you the best chance towards achieving your next performance ‘LEVEL UP’.

The LEVEL UP Program will facilitate you with the preparation resources and support coaching that will allow you to be better prepared, before you get on the ice.

Everyone wants to get better but improvement requires that you constantly learn, change and work hard to get one step closer to your LEVEL UP vision.

What will the Performance Path look like?

In addition to your regular on-ice training, your TSO Coach will guide and challenge you to be ready to step on the ice by…

Available Resources & Support

Coaching features will include the following resource and support opportunities that will be available over the 6 month coaching period from September to February.

*The following resources and support coaching tools will vary depending on the Performance Package purchased.

Preparation Resources – Provide performance analysis with the use of feedback tools that can generate constructive improvement discussion. This feedback will in give you the insight necessary to challenge your awareness of what is required to improve in your on ice performance.

Game Assessment with Report Attend 1 game in person during the regular season (Oct) and take notes on the performance. A feedback report will be provided based on observations that will be reviewed with the student.
Game Assessment with Video & Report – Attend 1 game during the regular season (Nov) with a video recording device to capture performance footage. The footage will be edited and used to be review with the student.
Game Assessment with Team Video Segments – The student will provide a team video link of their game along with 8-12 timeline markers that identify the segments of the game that student would like to have reviewed.

Support Coaching –
Open line of communication to answer questions and/or provide the support that can generate constructive preparation discussion. The support resources will consist of:
Game Day Management Calls – Student can arrange for a call before a game to review their Game Day Management processes.
Performance Reviews – Quickly connect (in person or by phone) once a month to review your performance accomplishments and challenges over the last month.
Online Document Support – Athlete will have access to Google Classroom & Calendar that will provide monthly preparation and growth learning sources.

Okay, so how do you get started?

1) Is becoming the best goalie possible towards your next ‘LEVEL UP’ truly what you desire or is it just a wish?

2) Are you willing to actually invest the time and energy to achieve that next ‘LEVEL UP’?

3) Are you open to learn and prepared to put into action the discipline to use the resources and support towards getting one step closer to your next ‘LEVEL UP’ everyday?

If you answered “Yes” to ALL of these questions, then proceed to step 2…


1) Complete and submit the ‘ LEVEL UP Program’ interview form below

2) Answer this question when submitting your request for information form:

‘What do I think is missing from my game that is holding me back from reaching my next performance ‘LEVEL UP’ right now?

(This must be something within your control. This would not include coaches or politics)

‘Everyone wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes’


level up

The personal performance coaching program is delivered from September to February. Email [email protected] for more information.







*Cost: Six months coaching from Sept to Feb


Level Up spots are limited as Personal Performance Coaches will be assigned a certain number of goalies.