What is ARC3 Performance?

Goaltending is about PERFORMING with Timely Execution

The goaltending discipline of ARC3 Performance can be described as the effective ‘in game’ execution that consistently exhibits a combination of 3 performance elements needed to perform with timely execution.

These three, properly develop, performance elements will provide the best opportunity for consistency during ‘in-game’ execution.

3 Performance Elements

a strong ATHLETIC structure

A goalie’s ability to perform with athletic in-game execution is a function of Aggressive Balance, Explosive Acceleration and Transitional Agility.

an effective REACTION engine

The reaction skills involved in order to read, recognize and respond to in-game situations.

a sound tactical approach with COMMAND

Command of the crease is the result of a sound tactical approach that will maximize our ability to be positionally prepared and shot ready.

Our training system will provide a training approach that will systematically improve the student’s technical and tactical skills, within a training environment that places primary value on the safe and gradual progression towards mastering the goaltending discipline of  ARC3 Performance.