All programs must be paid in full in order to secure training spot. Payments for all programs must be made at the time of registration. If payment is not received your registration request cannot be confirmed.


PRE REGISTERED CLASS CANCELATION (Make-Up Policy for Pre-Registered Clinics Only)
Make Up Classes for Pre Registered Clinics are subject to reasonable notification. We require 48 Hrs (ideally 3 to 4 days) notice of class cancelation prior to the start of the class by e-mail. You will receive notification by email with available Make Up date and time options between the date you notified us and your next registered class. No Make Up Classes can be guaranteed in the event of late notice and no Make Up Classes or Credits will be available after the paid cycle period and/or the training period.

No REFUNDS for cancellation received during the 2 weeks prior to the start of or during any Pre-Registered Program. For any cancelation that is received before the 2 weeks prior to the first pre-registered start date will receive a 40% credit towards another Pre-Registered Program that begins within 90 days of the cancelation.

PAYGO PROGRAM CANCELATION (Clinics, Camps & Privates)
No MAKE UP classes or REFUNDS will be available for PAYGO Program cancelations. Any PAYGO session cancelation received by e-mailed more that 48 Hrs prior to the start of the session will receive a 40% credit towards the next PAYGO program registration