Everyone has a dream, and everyone deserves the best opportunity to maximize their potential while on the journey to realizing their goals.

Not every dream comes true but what is learnt along the journey is what makes us better and guides us towards our ultimate success.

We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we will be a trusted development resource for you and your child.

Our pledge to parents is to assist them in meeting the challenges of providing their children with the opportunities to work smart towards their dreams AND keep a healthy balance between achieving their goals and the progression of their personal growth as confident young adults.

All the members of our team will provide a friendly service that will start by guiding you into the correct program and continue to provide advice, direction and perspective to your family thru the practice process.

Maurice (Moe) Tanel

Founding Owner & Program Director

Hi, I’m Coach Moe. And I have always believed that a well guided athletic program can be an important element for anyone to cultivate confidence and personally grow.

As a father of 3 grown children who participated in elite level sports, as a grandfather of 6 wonderful grandchildren, as a retired Police Officer of 27 years with the Toronto Police Service and as a Goalie Instructor since 1996, these experiences have had a profound impact on the development philosophy that I wanted to apply to all our ‘on-the-ice training programs when I founded TEAM Shutout Goalie School.

When I started the goalie school in 2006, I had a vision that developing goaltenders was more than setting up camps that facilitated drills. I wanted to use the vehicle of the goaltending position to inspire our students to practice and prepare in a ‘positive learning environment’ that would encourage them to appreciate the small wins as they learn and gradually develop.

This unrelenting belief motivated me and my development partners to create an ‘online training program’ with the goalie specific ‘off-the-ice’ practice resources that would allow goalies to get more out of their training schedule. These innovative ‘at home’ practice resources will provide them the flexibility to schedule additional practice time and cultivate their confidence by knowing they have maximized their practice time in order to get better.

The Goalie Toolbox ‘online training program’, is a yearly membership full of Workshops, Drills and Coaching Advise that will guide goalies of all ages and levels to ‘practice differently’ and is designed to ‘inspire’ them to gradually learn and practice all the critically important movement patterns required to efficiently generate the explosive power for transitional executions and save selections.

I hope that you find the ‘values’ of our program will help you, or a goalie that you know, to get a little better, and that this constructive approach to training will ‘inspire’ you to join us!

Dan Moressa

Operations Manager & Head Development Coach (Scotiabank Pond location)
Dan performs his program duties from our Scotiabank Pond location in Toronto and contributes to our Team Shutout training program as the Operations Manager and Head Development Coach.

As a Development Coach, Dan’s role is to oversee and monitor each student’s training progress so that every athlete is guided down a sustainable pathway towards their success. Furthermore, Dan’s responsibility to every goalie that trains with Team Shutout is the quality assurance of our Skill Instructors staff in their abilities to ensure that every training program is delivered in accordance to our proven Training System.

As a Operations Manager, Dan manages program & administrative operations for all Team Shutout Goalie School locations.

Dan has been instructing with Team Shutout since its inception in 2006. Since then, he has helped and guided countless goaltenders to succeed at higher levels including AAA,  JR, NCAA/USport & Pro. Some of his additional accolades include:


“I have been fortunate enough to be training with Dan at Team Shutout Goalie School for the past 6 years and with his guidance, I have been able to increase my level of play year over year. I contribute much of my success in the crease to Dan and the Staff at Team shutout, and would personally recommend training with him to take your game to the next level”

-Benjamin Patt
2x NCAA Division 1 National Champion
University of Minnesota Duluth

“Dan has been my goalie coach for over 9 years. With his guidance, encouragement, and patience he has helped me increase my confidence and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Dan has always been there for me…celebrating my successes and helping me overcome any setbacks.”

-Emma Catalano
Western University

Richard Faulkner

Development Coach & Program Coordinator
Richard performs his Program Coordinator duties from our Varsity Training Centre location in Brampton and delivers our Team Shutout training program as a Development Coach for both our Brampton location and the Waterloo Region area.

As a Development Coach, Richard’s role is to train, oversee and monitor the student’s training progress and ensure that his Skills Instructor staff is delivering the training format according to the Cease Control Training System.

As a Program Coordinator, he provides direction to students, parents and coaches and guides them towards the best Training Platforms and Formats that will make up their Profile Based training plan.

Richard provides valuable program development insight and plays a key role in the continued improvements of our Crease Control Training System that will ensure a positive development experience.

Richard is a Brampton native who played his minor hockey in the OMHA and began instructing with Team Shutout in 2010. He began is Coordinators role in 2013 after graduating with a Humber College certificate in Recreation & Leisure.

With his overwhelming passion for teaching and formal education, Richard’s strengths as a Development Coach and Coordinator have proven effective time and time again as he continues to play a key role in helping many young athletes achieve their goals of reaching the next level.

Richard has trained and developed goalies at all levels including Minor Hockey, Junior, CIS and NCAA. His wealth of knowledge in developing athletes is only surpassed by his passion to do so.