What is Athletic Structure?

Athletic Structure is the functional movement during ‘goalie specific’ technical execution with the physical Body and Edge Control that results in the athletic Power and Agility needed to control the crease.

Our training system begins to build the foundation of the student’s Athletic Structure by gradually setting in place the Technical Framework of the goalie specific techniques. These will become the ‘goalie specific’ technical skills that will support and enhance the student’s physical control towards athletic transitional explosiveness during performance.

 Technical Framework Execution Keys

Body Alignment
Body Alignment is the proper positioning of body parts to effectively execute the technical skills necessary to maintain balanced stance techniques, for efficient transitioning to position and range of motion when reacting with save techniques

Segment Sequence
Segment Sequence is the execution of the technical skills with timely sequence of the skill’s segments that provides efficiency while transitioning through Position, Re-Position and Save Techniques without waisted movement and as an effective unit

Muscular Activation
Muscular Activation is the physical engagement that provides the strength and stability when putting into motion the Technical Skills with the necessary Body Control and the effective Edge Control required to transition through Technical Skills.

The development of the Athletic Structure during the student’s early stages should focus on the gradual progression in a growth focused drill environment.