These are some of the vision skills required to best gather and process information during In-Game execution

Maintain Visual Contact for Controlled Saves
Strong visual contact of puck along the ‘flight plane’ and continue to ‘lead with the eyes’ towards the controlled save selection

Quickly Identify Trajectory for Reflex Saves
Quickly identify the trajectory of the ‘flight line’ in order to target area and ‘lead with the eyes’ to the save selection

Identify Shooter’s Option
Identify the Shoot-Pass-Push with the vision & patience required to read the options NOT guess the options.

Slot Release
Early recognition of puck’s elevation off the shooter’s stick

Identify Defensive & Offensive set up
Identify the Defensive/Offensive zone set ups to apply appropriate position strategies to the constantly changing situations required for the Plan Phase.


Strategy Skills are required to provide a greater opportunity to be positional and shot ready and are consistently applied in all situations during In-Game execution.


Maintain a Reaction Ready Stance
A strategy that activates a coiled stance that provides continuos muscular engagement while the play is in the zone.

Maintain Centre and Square on the puck
A strategy that maximizes net coverage and increase position for percentages in relation to the puck

React to Re-Position
The strategy allows a goalie to bring an active game that is constantly reposition to centre on the puck

Maximize Edges for Options
This strategy makes available ‘both edges’ when play allows and bring maximum control when establishing centre and square position on the puck.