Author: Maurice Tanel

Work Hard! What does that mean?

EVERYONE KNOW’S THAT HARD WORK IS PART OF THE FORMULA TO IMPROVE BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF HARD WORK IS REQUIRED? The real ‘Hard Work’ happens before you get on the ice. It starts by making a lot of changes to your thinking, your routines and your commitment. True ‘Hard Work’ is made up […]

Are you putting in the work ‘everyday’ to earn your starts

Ever find yourself questioning why you’re not getting your next regular start or why you missed the last few starts because those games were against the teams that were ahead in the standings.   Your coach has a responsibility to develop both you and each of your teammates but understand this, he also has a […]


MOST STUDENTS GO TO ‘PRACTICE’ BUT DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO GET OUT OF THAT ‘PRACTICE’ Acknowledging that hard work can get results is important but encouraging that the ‘hard’ work has to be applied according to a training objective, is even more important. For improvement to occur, a student must approach training […]

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable

A progressive training approach should challenge the athlete in a constructively uncomfortable environment that encourages mistakes and recognizes measurable achievements. How as educators can we create a training environment that will encourage the student to push at the edge of their out of comfort zone and motivate them to challenge the discipline and mental strength […]