Discipline isn’t intuitive, you have lean into the hard

By Maurice Tanel
Discipline doesn’t show itself naturally; it’s a quality that needs to be cultivated through hard work. 

Staying on the path towards your vision requires that you work hard with the discipline to execute the daily routines necessary to learn, change and improve. 

Discipline doesn’t come easy but rather is cultivated by pushing the edge of the out of comfort zone with hard work.

With each challenging and uncomfortable step you take towards your improvement, it is discipline that will guide you to constantly learn and make the changes necessary to chase your vision.

On those days when your motivation cannot carry you forward, the discipline of your daily routines is the compass that will keep you on track.

Discipline is the only way to get one step closer to reach your potential and become the best you can be. 

The growth process needs to be consistently pushed with the disciplined routines that will turn hard into habit


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‘Don’t focus on the performance results that will get you noticed but rather the actions that will help you improve’

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