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Mental Strategies for Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, our fears can prevent our ability to move forward with the normal routines necessary to keep us focused and in the right direction. Below are some mental performance strategies our development partner Bryan McLaughlin, Mental Performance Consultant, of Mindful Mental Performance has provided. These strategies can be implemented into your daily routines and will help you remain […]

The only person you have to be better than is yourself

  For those who put in the effort before they step on the ice, often see the greatest success. This success may not always be reflected in the scoreboard results but can always be seen in the improvement that results from a disciplined preparation process. The mantra we encourage our students to remember is, ‘Don’t focus […]

Chase Your Vision

The above video, ‘You Won’t Always Be Motivated You Must Learn To Be Disciplined’ by Fearless Motivation, powerfully presents how important discipline and consistency is to our success. Chasing your vision requires that you are constantly taking those uncomfortable steps every day to get one action closer to achieve your vision. To make your vision […]

Fear is normal, we just need to learn to dance with it

In the above video, ‘How to overcome fear’ presented by Trevor Ragan, he brilliantly explains how fear can keep us in our comfort zone. In this blog I have highlighted some of my more important take aways from the video along with some reflective questions that will hopefully help you to look inward when dealing with the […]

Discipline isn’t intuitive, you have lean into the hard

Discipline doesn’t show itself naturally; it’s a quality that needs to be cultivated through hard work.  Staying on the path towards your vision requires that you work hard with the discipline to execute the daily routines necessary to learn, change and improve.  Discipline doesn’t come easy but rather is cultivated by pushing the edge of […]